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Lakelands District

  • Michael Henry
  • Managing Partner
  • 380 Talbot Street
  • P.O. Box 29
  • Port McNicoll, Ontario
  • L0K 1R0
  • Phone (705) 534-1546
  • Fax (705) 534-7855

Southwestern District

  • Marilyn Cornies
  • Managing Partner
  • 237 Sanders Street East
  • Exeter, Ontario
  • N0M 1S1
  • Phone (519) 432-4435
  • Fax (519) 432-6697


Please contact the person listed below for all matters concerning:

Proposals for Stage 1-4, Contract Status, Project Status, Invoicing, Employment Opportunities. NOTE: When submitting for a proposal, please provide the following IMPORTANT pieces of information: Project Name; Legal Description of Land; Precise Location (Lot, Concession, etc.); Approximate Size of Property (in acres or hectares); Amount or Percentage of Ploughable Land, Woodlot, Steep Slope, Low-Lying and Wet, Environmental Protection Area, Disturbed Area, and any other noteworthy items which may affect an assessment on the subject property.

Keep in mind that providing the requisite information from the beginning saves all parties confusion later in the project!

  • Melissa Maclean
  • Business Manager, Lakelands District


Please contact the person listed below for all matters concerning:

Report Management, Quality Control of Product, Work Scheduling, Service Standards, Mapping and Draft Plan Management.

NOTE: All CAD-related files (i.e. *.dwg, *.dxf, *.dwt, …) should be sent to this person.


General Information

Please contact the person listed below for all matters concerning:

Invoicing, Employment Opportunities, Office location and hours and other General Information.

  • Melissa Milne
  • Business Manager
  • Tel: (705) 534-1546


Services offered by AMICK

Customer Service is our top priority.

We are a cultural resource management firm. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the necessary heritage studies are completed with sensitivity to the development project.

We offer the following services:

Stage 1: Background Study and Optional Property Inspection

Stage 2: Property Assessment

Stage 3: Site Specific Assessment

Stage 4: Mitigation of Development Impacts

Cultural Heritage Evaluation

Heritage Impact Assessment

Expert Testimony

Informant Interviews

Cemetery Closures

Aboriginal Engagement

Please visit our Services Page for a more in depth look at the services we offer.